Greetings, heroes!

by | Dec 7, 2021

We are overwhelmed by the incredible support you all are showing Ross. Behind the 1,553 ETH raised are over a thousand donors, with most contributions < 0.5 eth. We have a historic opportunity to write a new chapter to this story, in which Ross and the world he helped build come together to do good.


It may look like we’re in a great position but there are a few huge collectors waiting in the wings. We expect this to be extremely competitive in the final hours. That’s why we are all-hands-on-deck until we win.

Here’s how you can help: SPREAD THE GOOD WORD

Please reach out to your friends and communities. Tell them why you joined and what this means to you and crypto. Small donations are extremely important: this is about people power. Let’s show that this is a movement.

These are some great links to share:

Contribute to DAO:

Ross’ introduction to the project and his vision for doing good:

Meet Ross:

Good threads:

NOTE: this discord will be only lightly moderated as we are laser focused on our immediate goal. We will build out the discord and DAO when the dust settles. Be good to each other out there.

AUCTION ENDS APPROX 3:30am EST Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

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