Community Update #3

by | Dec 26, 2021


Dear community, In the past 72 hours, the DAO has formed Operations, Media, Treasury and NFT working groups to respectively organize our day-to-day activities; grow and activate our community; promote $FREE and our future initiatives; manage our treasury and generate new revenue. If you have relevant experience and would like to help, reach out to the leads of the respective working groups — @Alona / @cryptodrftng , @doctorbitcoin.eth , @@unicorndroppingz (3,3) and @kortelin.

In the coming week we will be putting forward a governance proposal on Snapshot to ratify our DAO treasury management strategy. Our latest draft structures the DAO treasury into three main categories a) stablecoin yield farming b) $FREE c) $ETH & $BTC. There will also be a vote for budget approval for basic immediate IT expenses.

We have heard the community feedback loud and clear: a lot of you want #NumbaGoUp and we take that into account. That being said, we would like to emphasize what $FREE is not a financial speculative play. We are all here to help free Ross and reform the criminal justice system. Any actions that may be taken with regards to potential listings, airdrops and so on will only be taken if they are in line with the DAO’s core mission.

We thank you for your continuous support and would particularly love to hear your ideas on the aspects not related to the $FREE token — marketing, collaborations, treasury managements and so on.

Together we will #FreeRoss

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