How does FreeRossDAO’s Governance Work?

by | Dec 29, 2021

It’s come up a few times in Discord conversations over this holiday week: confusion about how exactly things get done in the DAO.

We just finished on December 21st the vote on the last Snapshot proposal that set into place the skeleton of the governance structure that we have now, but since then some workflows have emerged and volunteers have stepped up to give some more structure to the operations, and it felt like a good time to graph it out and share it with the community so that we could all have a good understanding of the process and how to get involved if need be.

Currently, we have a couple channels set up for discussion of proposal ideas (we’ll be refining that to just a single place later this week) in the Discord. We’re also in the process of setting up a forum CMS called “Discourse,” which is geared towards collaboratively engineering proposals as a large group. These will be the genesis points for our proposals.

These proposals, once created, will be given to the working groups (called “pods”) to refine and fully flesh out. These are private chat rooms in the Discord server, but if you go through the volunteer process, anyone in the DAO is welcome to join these working groups.

From there, it’s sent to the Advisory Counsel for ratification (per community ratified proposal #01). Per the proposal:

The ONLY role of the 4 person Advisory Council is to review proposals for any potential harm to Ross BEFORE they are published on If the Advisory Council believes the proposal may cause harm to Ross or efforts to free Ross then the Advisory Council has the power to veto the proposal with a 3 vote threshold. The Advisory Council understands that they should not be a roadblock to pushing thru proposals and thus is committed to voting within 48hrs of being summoned. If the Advisory Council does not vote within the allotted time or fails to reach the 3 vote threshold then the proposal is deemed to be not a threat to Ross and will be published to

From there, if funds need to be disbursed (or other assets need to be managed) per the proposal, those actions will be taken by the multi-sig account holders.

Finally, the responsibility falls to Rene to delegate to the proper team members or hired contractors to execute on the operations side of the proposal.
We hope this clears things up and gives us all a level set on how we can continue to collaborate and work towards a #FreeRoss!

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