Core Team FTW — Proposal #3

by | Jan 17, 2022

Hey #FreeRoss community, proposal #3 is here! To us, it’s actually one of the most exciting proposals so far. This is the last one of our major “groundwork laying” proposals that puts us on strong footing to do some of the more important work we all gathered to do. The proposal puts in place the core team to do the basics of what we need done in marketing, treasury and operations. It also clarifies some language that was in proposal one.

The most exciting bit here, though, is that it formalizes a relationship with the producer of Ross’s NFT from the auction: Trippy (twitterinsta). Aside from Ross himself, Trippy was the driving force behind the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collections, and we’re thrilled he’s joining our DAO’s core team to help us forward with new and exciting NFT projects.

Trippy has a storied history in the nascent field of NFTs, working not only with Ross but with other well regarded NFT projects such as Trippy Jetpacks and the PussyRiot collection. Trippy has the breadth of connections and experience to develop our existing NFT property as well as create new projects that will help us expand our reach and achieve our vision of rehabilitating Ross’s image and one day achieving his freedom.

Trippy and the rest of the core team has been fielding a lot of exciting ways to incorporate NFTs in the work of marketing our DAO, our message, and some of the projects we will be collaborating with down the line.

As for the rest of the proposal, most of it is pretty self explanatory, but here’s a brief summary.

  • For FreeRoss DAO to execute its mission, it needs to ensure its resources support the core contributors who can reliably and consistently perform key tasks. This proposal sets out procedures for core contributors onboarding and offboarding, as well as the transparency and accountability policy.
  • So far, FreeRoss DAO has been fortunate to find 5 community members who have been involved prior to the end of the auction on Dec. 8, 2021 and demonstrated thought leadership to streamline the delivery of community dialogue, working groups and proposals. The core team of 5 wishes to continue their work with formalized roles and relative compensation. The proposal contains those details.
  • The proposal also includes revisions to Advisory Council governance primarily in the interests of clarification (not modification).

Last, but not least, we hope you join us for a community call later this week to go over this in a lot more detail.

For now, you can participate in the voting here.

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