Community Update— 21 Feb 2022

by | Feb 21, 2022

This week’s update includes a meme contest, a Ross letter writing campaign proposal, EPNS, Discourse forum integration and more!

Meme Contest

There was a proposal on Snapshot that passed on Friday 19, 2022 to launch a meme contest on Twitter in order to generate community-made content that will help to build awareness of FreeRossDAO and Ross’ story. We believe that the more people who know about Ross and his case, the more people will join our community to help us free him. The vote passed with zero votes against it — so you can expect to see more similar proposals.

The memes will be pro-Ross, will convey Ross’ story and how his sentencing is inhumane and excessive. We will give away ETH and other rewards for those who participate in the contest.

Rewards Breakdown

  • Those in the top 100 will receive 0.015 ETH and 0.015 ETH worth of $FREE at the time of the transaction. $FREE token represents fractional ownership of Ross Ulbricht’s Genesis NFT collection. $FREE is a governance token of FreeRossDAO as well as a stand against injustice.
  • The top 100 participants will also receive a POAP.
  • Gas fees will be covered by the DAO.

Selection Criteria

The winners of the contest will be determined by the top 100 memes ranked by amount of engagement (likes & retweets) on the #FreeRoss & #FreeRossDAOMeme hashtags after a 14 day period after the announced, official start of the contest.

The winners must also be following the FreeRossDAO Twitter account and are encouraged to follow Ross’ personal Twitter account and the Free Ross account.

The contest will be launched within seven days of February 19, 2022, 12am UTC.

The full details of the meme contest can be found on snapshot here.

Governance & Proposals

The first three proposals passed on Snapshot were all about setting up governance and processes for how we make decisions. Now that the governance & operations processed have been established, we will have more proposals that will be both short-term and long-term projects. Both types of projects projects will get us closer to attaining our goal of freeing Ross from prison, advancing prison reform and sharing Ross’ work.

You can join our Discord here to help us with our mission.

Other Proposals

We have a proposal in the works for physical media materials we will be printing to spread awareness about Ross.

There are other proposals and projects in the works which will be revealed soon.

The Role of Memes in Activism & Movements

A lot of memes serve as a counter to information warfare because of the use of satire to poke fun at misinformation or ridiculous ideologies and events. When memes go viral, the message of the movement they relate to becomes clear and widespread. Memes actually provide an easy way to understand the differences between ideologies and why something, like a movement, exists. Memes also make serious things more palatable to digest.

Upcoming Ross Letter Writing Campaign

We are drafting a proposal for a weekly letter writing party. The letter writing would be done as a community within the discord voice channels and chats and potentially Twitter Spaces. A few speakers would be having conversations while they themselves, and all others listening in, write their letter.

Lyn, Ross’ mother, mentioned that what really matters is writing the letters from the heart — Ross is easygoing and will be thankful for your letters.

Letter writing will help encourage people to communicate with prisoners in general and also provide morale for Ross. In a sense, writing letters to prisoners humanizes their existence and even has the potential to challenge systemic stereotypes. We also see this as an opportunity to form a closer knit community, and a more active one.

Mail call in prisons, or jails, are the highlight of the prisoners’ day. A letter is very meaningful to those excommunicated from their relationships and living behind bars. It can get very lonely for inmates and many are even forgotten about.

We are thinking of ways to incentivize people to post their letters to Ross on Twitter and potentially other social media platforms. We believe that this should not really be a contest as any letters written to prisoners should be genuine. However, at the same time, we do want to give back to our community. We might give out POAPs for some of the letter writing so that people can show that they are active participants in our mission and are given credit for their help.

We also have an idea of aggregating Twitter letter posts that are directed towards Ross, via a specific hashtag, into one letter that we can send him. For some, it can be daunting to write a full letter so this would be a way to mitigate that challenge.

There are services which let you send postcards and letters to prisoners. Here is a list of some resourcesAmeelioWrite A PrisonerCompassion Prison Project and DoNotPay. DoNotPay will walk you through everything you need to know about writing letters to inmates.

You can write to Ross here: Ross Ulbricht #18870–111 USP Tucson P.O Box 24550 Tucson, AZ 85734 USA

Open Position: Social Media Manager Contributor

We are looking for someone from the community that can manage our Twitter full time and come up with marketing ideas while promoting engagement and posting quality content. We want to reach out to our community first for this position because we want someone who genuinely cares about Ross’ cause.

If you feel that you can help with this, or know of anyone who can, please ping one of the mods or the media pod in discord here.

Ethereum Push Notification System (EPNS) Integration

We are working on integrating with EPNS so that our community can receive governance notifications and updates on their phones and browsers by simply connecting a web wallet to the EPNS application. We believe that this will increase our engagement. We want to make sure that as many people as possible see our proposals and are updated on our efforts.

Here is the EPNS iOS applicationEPNS Android Application and the EPNS Web app. The EPNS Web app is currently not supported on Brave and is in alpha. We recommend getting set up on the mobile applications or the EPNS website itself.

Treasury Management

Market is down in terms of total value. In terms of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the DAO treasury is up. We are looking at the long term benefits in holding BTC and ETH. We are not actively trading at the moment. We are yield farming.

A more regular treasury report is in the works which will most likely be on a monthly basis.

You can view our positions here and here. The Apeboard link will give a more holistic view of our holdings for now until Zapper updates their supported tokens. Our address is linked to the ENS freerossdao.eth.

New Podcast Appearance

On The Delphi Podcast, Lyn, Ross’ mother, and Rene Pinnell, Ross’ close friend, were interviewed about the history of Ross and the Silk Road, details around Ross’ sentence, FreeRossDAO’s mission and more. We highly recommend you check it out here:

Discourse Forum

We are implementing Discourse to create a forum for FreeRossDAO. This way we can have discussions about our projects and proposals in an organized, formal setting.

This will also allow us to source proposals from the public and our community more easily and have them move through the proposal process more seamlessly. Petition

Please take a look at the petition for Ross’ clemency on If this resonates with you, please take a moment to sign it and join our movement here. You can also find more info on Ross’ case here. Please sign the petition linked below:


Every Friday we’ll encourage people from our community to use the hashtag #FreeRossFridays, to show support for Ross. We plan to continue to do Twitter Spaces weekly on Fridays.

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