Announcing: The FreeRossDAO Meme Contest!

by | Feb 24, 2022

tl;dr: The Meme Contest starts this Friday at Noon CST. Post them to Twitter with the hashtags #FreeRoss & #FreeRossDAOMeme, and promote them in the Discord in the #meme-contest channel.

Our mission is to free Ross Ulbricht from prison. This is a very noble and serious cause. But there are certain formulas in crypto that just work. It has been proposed that we use a meme contest on Twitter in order to generate community-made content that will help to build awareness of FreeRossDAO and Ross’s story. The more people learn about Ross, the more people will join our community to help us free him.

Memes are the main language of the crypto world. They get shared far and wide on social media and among friends to spread awareness about the projects they support. They are shareable, snackable and are the catalyst of community growth. There is a lot of misinformation circulating around Ross Ulbricht’s case. The general public is unlikely to read long articles, however, we could capture their attention through memes.

FreeRossDAO aims to leverage memes as a community engagement & educational tool by running a community meme contest with generous ETH payouts for the winning submissions. The contest will pay out the creators of the top 100 memes posted to Twitter.

Goals of the meme contest:

  • To help educate people about Ross’s case and FreeRossDAO through the memes being shared on Twitter and Discord.
  • To build awareness of Ross’s story and the miscarriage of justice that his sentence represents
  • To debunk misinformation about the Silk Road case – in either a serious or lighthearted way. Here’s the list of the most common misconceptions about the case that can be used for inspiration:
  • To generate more community-made content.

Entry Rules and Qualifications:

  1. Tweets must use the hashtag #FreeRoss & #FreeRossDAOMeme to qualify.
  2. For the entry to be eligible, the account must follow FreeRossDAO’s Twitter:
  3. Tweets derogatory against Ross Ulbricht, FreeRossDAO or the broader Free Ross movement will be disqualified.
  4. Meme creators are encouraged to post their tweets to a Discord channel that will be set up specifically for promoting these memes.
  5. Meme creators are also encouraged to follow Ross’s personal Twitter account ( which is run by a loved one in the free world, as well as the Free Ross account (
  6. Any individual can submit as many memes as they like and will receive the 0.03 ETH reward for each winning submission.
  7. Participants who attempt to rig the results of the contest (by using bot accounts or in any other way) will be disqualified.

Selection Criteria:

The winners of the contest will be determined by the top 100 memes ranked by amount of engagement (likes & retweets) on the #FreeRoss & #FreeRossDAOMeme hashtags after a 14 day period after the announced start of the contest.


  • Those in the top 100 will receive 0.015 ETH and 0.015 ETH worth of $FREE at the time of the transaction. $FREE token represents fractional ownership of Ross Ulbricht’s Genesis NFT collection. $FREE is a governance token of FreeRossDAO as well as a stand against injustice.
  • The top 100 participants will also receive a POAP.
  • Gas fees will be covered by the DAO.

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