Weekly Letter Writing Party on the Discord!

by | Mar 3, 2022

Join us on the FreeRossDAO Discord every week as we show our support for Ross Ulbricht by sending him some love. We will write letters, send pictures, and talk about other ways the community can support Ross and his struggle for freedom.

When: Every Thursday at 8PM EST

Ross Ulbricht’s birthday is March 27. Let’s brainstorm some cool ways to celebrate!

We are encouraging people to post pictures of their messages to Twitter with the hashtag #FreeRossBirthday, which will be sent to Ross!

In addition to the following suggestions, please also review the list of ways people can support Ross posted on FreeRoss.org.

Send a letter or picture:

Folks are encouraged to write Ross directly at this mailing address:

Ross Ulbricht #18870-111
USP Tucson
P.O Box 24550
Tucson, AZ 85734

In addition to physical letters, there are other methods of sending Ross a message:

  • Ameelio is a free service that will print and mail letters/pictures to prisoners from their app/website
  • Pigeon is another service that will print and mail pictures to the prison from their app/website
  • FlikShop is another service that will print and mail pictures and a message in the form of a postcard. ($0.79/postcard)

We are also accepting messages to Ross on this website: fill out this form, and we will ensure that Ross gets your message.

For some general guidance and tips, please read this excellent guide on writing prisoners. But here’s some specific considerations:

  • Ross’s mail is carefully monitored by authorities and held for two weeks before given to Ross. Please do not write anything that could potentially get him into trouble.
  • USP Tucson is not allowing birthday or greeting cards sent from individuals (part of a shameful nationwide trend of prison administrators phasing out physical mail in lieu of digitization). Letters and computer printouts, including pictures, are fine, but do not send colored paper, non-standard inks (glitter, crayon, etc may be returned), or anything with stains.
  • The prison will reject mail if it uses a mailing label or sticker as a return address. Please write or use a rubber-ink stamp.

Additionally, we have been informed that Ross has special communication restrictions. It takes an extra two weeks for the prison to “handle” his physical mail before it is delivered to him. Ross is also restricted from using the “CORRLINKS” computer messaging system, unlike other federal prisoners.

Books and Magazines

Ross can receive books and magazines if they are sent directly from a “book store / publisher / club / distributor” (the prison won’t accept books from individuals in the mail)

This means you can buy books on Amazon.com, ThriftBooks.com, etc, – make sure to set the shipping address to the above USP Tucson address. Ross can also receive subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

We currently don’t have a list of books, topics, or authors that Ross is specifically into or what subscriptions he already has, although we are informed that he currently does have sufficient reading materials. When more information becomes available, we will update the community.


Instructions on how people can send money directly to Ross’s commissary account is posted on the FreeRoss.org website (you can send a western union with a credit card directly to Ross’s BOP account for phone/commissary). This helps Ross have necessary supplies like food, coffee, clothes, phone calls, hygiene, stationary, art supplies, etc.

Message to Ross

"*" indicates required fields

Step 1 of 5

This form will walk you through the process of writing a message to Ross Ulbricht. Since, due to restrictions of incarceration, Ross cannot view the results of this form online, we will be printing out all messages manually so Ross can read them.

First, if you wish to take a photo of yourself to add to the message, open the camera app on this device and take a photo using the webcam. This is completely optional.

Once the photo is taken, click NEXT. You will upload the image later in the form.

If you do not wish to include an image, click NEXT to skip to the next part of this form.

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