Governance Proposal #5 is now live and taking votes.

by | Mar 28, 2022

Hello, #FreeRoss friends.

In case you missed it, late Friday afternoon, we put up for vote on Snapshot our latest governance proposal.

It covers two specific topics:

  • IP Licensing. Among other things, $free represents fractional ownership in the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection. We’re looking to create a permission-less licensing scheme for the FreeRossDAO so that members of our community can act in an officially recognized capacity on behalf of the DAO when it comes to using the artwork and the implied intellectual property. The licensing scheme we propose is Creative Commons BY-NC-SA/4.0/.

New Licensing Scheme

I’ve long personally been an advocate of the Creative Commons license, in all of its various forms, so when our community member Kyle (Meito#8052 on our Discord) came to us with an opportunity to have Ross’s Genesis collection put on display in a London exhibition entitled IRLNFT. we wanted to have a license that not only covered that exhibition of our digital art, but a license that could empower everyone in our DAO with the ability to broker usage and exhibitions on our behalf under a clear and unambiguous licensing scheme.

As we mature as a DAO, we intend to have easily found and understood brand and display guidebooks for our art pieces that can help shape the displays in a way that maintains the spirit and message of the art that Ross intended.

New Art: The Growth Collection

The other major piece of this governance proposal is fundraising for the DAO that allows us to put in a credible bid on the new art collection being released at Bitcoin Miami 2022 next week.

We’ve had a sneak preview on the core team of some of the pieces that will be in the Growth Collection, and we feel like it’s going to be a particularly exciting set of pieces, including a hand-animated piece Ross has been working on the last few months.

Over the next week, we’ll be highlighting some of the folks who will be unveiling different pieces of the collection here on the blog, so make sure you come back to see that, or just bookmark: for a direct link to the action and bid site.

How this particular fundraiser is set to work:

We will accept donations to our main wallet between the passage of this proposal and the end of the auction, and 100% of those donations will be applied towards bidding on the artwork.

  • 80% of the donated amount will be used towards the bid (and go, post if we win, to the legal fund, or if we lose, towards the general endowment for FreeRossDAO).
  • 20% of bids are used to buy back $FREE via the open markets and distribute to donors proportional to the donated amounts. This buyback will occur over 30 days to accrue the maximum amount of $FREE from open markets to reward donors with.

Go vote!

Incidentally, this is the first proposal to be community developed using There are two more days to vote on this proposal, so head over to snapshot and make yourself heard!

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