We’re inviting bitcoiners to dress up as DPR to manifest public support for Ross Ulbricht.

by | Apr 6, 2022

Ross Ulbricht has been in jail for 9 years and, even in the face of his barbaric sentence, from within his jail cell he creates art to contribute to society and inspire change as an advocate for criminal justice reform.

Now we want those bitcoiners at Bitcoin 2022 who support Ross and who advocate for a fairer treatment of inmates to join us in creating a DPR Human Blockchain of support.

For every person who assists the conference as DPR, we will add 1.000.000 sats to our bid to purchase the Ross Ulbricht NFTs auctioned at Bitcoin 2022. This cosplayed participation will be a public manifestation of support for Ross and the winning bid will be funding criminal justice reform actions by becoming the owner of Ross Ulbricht’s “Human Blockchain” collection.

The maximum total DPR cosplay donation bid will be 1 Bitcoin, however we hope more than 100 people will join the activation and help us create a robust visualization of the Bitcoin community’s support to Ross. All DPRs are invited to experience the result of their cosplayed participation at the close of the auction bids on the 8th de April at 4pm in the Main Stage.


> Show up to the conference dressed up as Dread Pirate Roberts. (*With a black mask and black hair bandana; ideally all dressed in black)

> Post a picture on Twitter of your DPR self at the Bitcoin Conference with the hashtags #DPRHumanBlockchain #FreeRoss

> Follow @FreeRossDAO on twitter.

REWARD: On behalf of the first 100 cosplayed participants at Bitcoin 2022 that post their proof of participation as set on the guidelines, the DAO will add to its bid for the auction 1.000.000 sats (until a máximum of 1 BTC) and each of those first 100 participants will receive 100.000 FREE as fractionalized ownership of the DAO’s NFTs.


> Post a picture on Twitter of yourself dressed as DPR with the hashtags #DPRHumanBlockchain #FreeRoss and use it as your NewProfilePic until the end of the auction, April 8th at 5pm.

> Follow @FreeRossDAO on twitter.
REWARD: For the people who wish to support from home, the first 100 people who use their DPR-self as #NewProfilePic on twitter according to guidelines during the “Growth Collection” auction days at Bitcoin 2022 conference will each receive 100.000 FREE as fractionalized ownership of the DAO’s NFTs.

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