Announcing the Brand New Bounty Board!

by | Apr 7, 2022

Hey @everyone, we got some discord changes and a new Community Dashboard built to help steer our community to positive and actionable work to help #FreeRoss.

Thank you to community member @AshP for leading the charge and doing the good work in bringing our new onboarding system to life! COMMUNITY DASHBOARD We have made a one-stop shop for all your FRD questions!

Check it out HERE

This page is just a start and will get more refined as we go, but with us at Bitcoin22, we really wanted to start this now because we now have… BOUNTIES Yes! We now have bounties, which will earn you $FREE! We are also building out a place for you to use your newly-earned $FREE, but that will not be live for a bit We have a time-specific bounty around our Bitcoin22 activation, so jump on in as the bounties will change almost weekly

Check the bounty board HERE

NEW ONBOARDING FORM All new members interested in joining FRD will need to fill out this form to gain access to most of our discord. This is to help direct new members to start engaging with direct action to help our main goal in getting more petition signatures and engaging with Ross on socials All DAO members, past and future, need to fill out this form to participate in our bounties.

So to get started with earning $FREE, go fill out the form HERE

We’re inviting bitcoiners to dress up as DPR to manifest public support for Ross Ulbricht.

Ross Ulbricht has been in jail for 9 years and, even in the face of his barbaric sentence, from within his jail cell he creates art to...

Governance Proposal #5 is now live and taking votes.

Hello, #FreeRoss friends. In case you missed it, late Friday afternoon, we put up for vote on Snapshot our latest governance proposal. It...

Social Impact DAOs Panel at SxSW Grit Daily House

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