Grow in the Dark

Genesis Mintpass NFT

Grow In The Dark Genesis Mintpass NFT is a collection of 1/1 black and white stills from Ross’ animation Grow In The Dark, purchased by FreeRossDAO at the Bitcoin22 auction.


From that sale, we were able to contribute $500,000 to the Ulbricht Trust.


We are just getting started.


Welcome to our first Ethereum-based NFT collection, a package of art geared to help #FreeRoss and shine a light on prison reform in America.

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What's in a Genesis Mintpass NFT?

Each Grow In The Dark Genesis Mintpass NFT will consist of:

  • An original 1/1 frame from Ross Ulbricht’s “Grow in the Dark” animation, launched on Ethereum blockchain
  • Allowlist access for future pre-release drops as well as our upcoming marketplace before the public. (DAO members with at least 10,000 $FREE tokens also get on the Allowlist.)
  • A chance to receive a special 1/1 “remix” by artists teaming up with us for this launch.
  • Physical goods package of Ross Ulbricht’s recent creative work:
    • Sticker pack
    • Grow in the Dark animation Flipbook
    • Prints of Genesis Collection
    • Prints of the Growth Collection
  • AR lens of SHUbert for metaverse
  • Discord role specific to Genesis Mintpass holders
  • 15 NFTs for partnership/marketing
  • Knowing you are directly helping to fund the #FreeRoss movement and prison reform!

Each NFT will be priced at 0.3 $ETH.


Grow in the Dark Genesis Mint Pass is a hand crafted collection of images by Ross Ulbricht himself.

“I had no idea how laborious a little animation could be.” – Ross

The series contains hand drawn frames, plus an additional bundle of items with behind the scenes sketches, writing and animation algorithms penned directly by Ross.

Each frame has hand-created metadata, giving it collectability for rarity hunters, including several unique pieces interspersed by artists who are collaborating on the project!

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FreeRossDAO RoadMap

Purchased Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection to help raise funds for prisoner support and Ross’ freedom support.

That purchase allowed FRD to give ~$6MM to the Ulbricht Legal Trust.

Under Ross’ direction, FRD animated and colorized 318 hand-drawn stills to help bring attention to Ross’ first NFT auction on the Bitcoin network.

Purchased Grow In The Dark Collection, which directly benefited Ross Ulbricht’s Legal Trust in excess of $500,000.

Created new Constitution to help enable the community to create derivative works to help humanize prisoner rights and help get attention to the #FreeRoss campaign.

New governance structure created to streamline process and involve the community in proposal decisions.

Create immersive VR traveling installation to bring awareness and help promote upcoming NFT mintpass. Launched at NFT.NYC 2022.

Launch derivative works from FRD collection to help fund upcoming site redesign and new $FREE and $ETH NFT marketplace supporting prison reform and the #FreeRoss movement – first collection is the Grow In The Dark Mintpass NFT.

Launch of new site design and NFT Marketplace.


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Ownership of the Grow In The Dark Mintpass NFT does not grant ownership of the IP or its corresponding copyright, including reproduction, without written consent from FreeRossDAO.