Solidarity Network

The Reform Pod of FreeRossDAO will build a Solidarity Network with the strength to enact political, cultural, and legislative changes needed to free Ross and everyone else affected by the injustices of the prison industrial complex. We will accomplish this by engaging in education, advocacy, and solidarity.

  • Research & education: We will understand and articulate the injustices of Ross’s case as it connects to the broader issues of the prison industrial complex
  • Advocacy through press releases, position statements, and activist initiatives
  • Create Solidarity by engaging with the existing movement to change criminal justice and prison systems, providing resources and collaborating on initiatives.

Reform Pod is on the FreeRossDAO Discord! Join the #reform channels to get involved with criminal justice and prison reform. We also meet every Thursday on the Discord for the Letter Writing Party.


Bounty Board

Be sure to check out the Bounty Board to participate in Action Items and earn some $FREE.

$FREE Dashboard

All $FREE holders are able to participate in the Solidarity Network to shape future campaigns and projects through the $FREE Dashboard.

Community Grant Program

We have launched a Community Grant Program to support other organizations involved in the struggle for criminal justice and prison reform. We are particularly looking to support smaller, local, independent organizations involved in direct assistance to incarcerated people, and not political parties, large corporations, or groups that collaborate with law enforcement.

Contributions to date: