Freeross dao

FreeRossDAO is an organization governed by the owners of $FREE, a token that represents fractional ownership in the artistic works of Ross Ulbricht.


FreeRossDAO Manifesto


We will help Free Ross

Ross Ulbricht is currently sentenced to, as he puts it, death in prison – for creating a website. We seek to rectify this injustice.


We will advance prison reform.

Once Ross has won back his freedom, the fight against injustice will have only just begun.


Share Ross’s Work

We will share Ross’s work with the world and give everyone a unique opportunity to own a piece of it.

The Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection

The Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection auction began at Art Basel on December 2nd, 2021. It was meant to be a fundraiser for prisoner support and Ross Ulbricht’s freedom effort.

The winning bid from our DAO was for 1446 ETH, and went directly towards these efforts.

View the full collection in our gallery.  

Updates from FreeRossDAO


Earlier this year in April, we bought Ross Ulbricht’s second collection “The Growth Collection” at auction.  This collection featured three pieces out of Ross’s Human Blockchain series, which is ongoing and we can expect to see more installments over time, and...

FreeRossDAO – June 10th Community Call

FreeRossDAO – June 10th Community Call

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpOFotnYnmQ 02:50 - Start04:00 - Community Updates11:45 - VR Experience Updates22:15 - NFT Marketplace Updates30:15 - Wrapping Up Rizzn:Hello to everybody listen on the recording. I am Rizzn aka Dr. Bitcoin, running the free rush hour...

FreeRossDAO – June 2nd Community Call

FreeRossDAO – June 2nd Community Call

https://youtu.be/3BPENQZTXhE 03:30 - Start06:00 - General Community Updates & Bounties20:00 - New Business35:00 - NFT Projects Updates40:00 - Wrapping Up Dr. Bitcoin:Howdy, howdy to anybody listening to the recording. We're going to get started just a minute as...